The Age of Beauty Project

One of my vices is magazines – photography and beauty magazines.  This project stemmed from the ads that I repeatedly saw in beauty magazines.  The ads for women 40+ were all about fixing, adjusting, and hiding.  This really began to bother me.  Why we were being told that we had to do all these things to be considered beautiful? From this, my project began. I want to bring to light the beauty of women, and let everyone know that beauty doesn't end at a particular age. 

I hold these sessions in the homes of the women who agree to participate. The sessions are 30 minutes in length. Before we schedule the session, I ask each woman to determine which room in her home has the most light, and the time of day that the light is in the room.  I use only this light and a reflector.  Nothing more. The ladies are compensated for the session with digital images and a print.  I also have a location in downtown Phoenix where we can meet for the session.

The ladies are told to wear whatever clothing that makes them the most comfortable.  If they wish to wear makeup, it’s totally their choice. I want to celebrate the woman as she is. I do ask that busy prints are avoided.