Just A Few Words

Authentic and candid are adjectives used often when my friends and acquaintances describe me.  I strive to be myself 100% of the time.  It makes life simpler and more enjoyable.   I take this approach with my clients as well.  I love capturing the authentically candid moments that reflect their personalities and family ties.  Those are the moments which will be remembered because they document real people.  Don’t get me wrong, formal images are beautiful and memorable as well. However, if dad’s eyes crinkle into half-moons when he laughs, don’t you want to freeze that moment of time?  I want to capture the gentle smile that passes between couples when they think I’m not looking. And yes, I want to freeze the teasing that occurs between siblings. These instants of time are real, and deserve to be documented as well.

So how do I capture these candidly authentic moments?  By getting to know my clients before a session. This can be a quick telephone call, or even better, meeting in person for a cup of tea or coffee.  I want to know what makes my clients laugh, and I want them to become acquainted with me.  After all, we’re going to create new memories together.