Tina Strickland is an internationally published portrait photographer who resides in the East Valley near Phoenix, AZ.  Originally from Illinois, Tina has lived in the Valley of the Sun for over twelve years with her husband and children.  Tina is an affiliate photographer with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep and Capturing Hopes.  She’s been a member of Professional Photographers of America for five years. 

When Tina isn’t behind her camera, she enjoys reading, hiking, and genealogy.  Tina has traced her maternal line back over 200 years!


Oh, my goodness!  Why are these pages so difficult to write?  You want to share information with our potential clients and visitors, but you don’t want to sound like a narcissist.  How much information is enough, and what’s too much?  It’s a fine line to walk!

Just a few tidbits about me. 

  1. I am the oldest grandchild on my paternal and maternal sides.  I’m also the shortest.
  2. I love old monster movies.  I’m talking Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra.
  3. I am a tomboy at heart, but I do like dressing up.
  4. Most of my t-shirts have something to do with photography. Go figure!
  5. I was born with three gray hairs.
  6. I love to laugh, and make others laugh.  
  7. I enjoy baking.



Member, Professional Photographers of AmericaProfessional Photographers of America (www.ppa.com)

Capturing Hopes (www.capturinghopesphoto.org)

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (www.nowilaymedowntosleep.org)